Happy Earth Day 2019 – Earth Day Activities, Quotes, Facts, Slogans, Posters & More

Happy Earth Day 2019 is just around the corner and people are already searching for Earth Day Activities, Posters, Quotes, Facts, Slogans and other things related to environmental preservation & global warming.

Here at this blog, we have created some amazing resources around these topics.

We are going to have an overview of all of them on this page so that you can click and read the one you are interested in detail.

Let’s start celebrating Earth Day 2019!

Earth Day Activities – 2019 Collection

Earth Day Activities 2019

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Earth Day Activities are one of the most popular things among people. Actually, people want to celebrate Earth Day 2019 by actually engaging themselves in some fruitful and beneficial activity for the planet.

There are different categories for Earth Day Activities such as:

  1. Earth Day Activities for Adults
  2. Earth Day Activities for Work
  3. Earth Day Activities for School
  4. Earth Day Activities for Kids
  5. etc

On our blog on Earth Day 2019 Activities, we have covered all the topics and beyond about the different activities on earth day so that you don’t explore the various website for each topic and waste your precious time.

Earth Day Quiz – Updated 2019

Earth Day Quiz - Featured Image

Another thing which interests most people on Earth Day 2019 is Earth Day Quiz. People around the globe want to test their knowledge and information about different topics related to Environment such as:

  1. Earth Day
  2. Climate Change
  3. Global Warming
  4. Waste Management
  5. Pollution
  6. etc

Fortunately for you all, we have created one of the largest and most comprehensive resources on the quiz on Earth Day 2019 with all the questions and even right answers in it. In this way, you can conduct an earth day quiz in your home or institution because you know their answers as well.

Interestingly, we have also added the answers of the famous Earth Day Quiz by Google on our page. You can check it out as well.

Earth Day Quotes – 2019 Collection

Earth Day Quotes

Earth Day Quotes are searched by thousands and thousands of people around the globe. They are looking for thoughts and sayings of various thinkers, activists, celebrities and other famous people all over the world.

While looking for Earth Day Quotes, people are asking for quotes on:

  1. Earth Day Quotes
  2. Save Earth Quotes
  3. Mother Earth Quotes
  4. Planet Earth Quotes
  5. Funny Earth Day Quotes

We have also collected quotes on Earth Day 2019 so that you guys can read and get inspired by the thoughts and sayings of people who are concerned about the environment, climate change, planet earth and more.

Earth Day Poems

Earth Day Poems - Ultimate Collection

Poems are what makes us rhyme. They provide us the rhythm and joy of life so that we can enjoy the intricacies of what is happening around us. Earth Day poems allow us to think about our planet in a different manner. It allows us to take the perspective of an artist in order to let the beauty of the world penetrate our heart.

Therefore, we have curated some of the best and most amazing Earth Day Poems for Earth Day 2019.

You will find the followings on our Earth Day Poems for Earth Day 2019 page:

  • Earth Day Poems by Famous Poets
  • Earth Day Poems for Kids
  • Printable Earth Day Poems for Kids
  • Earth Day Poems Songs and Videos
  • etc

We have done our best to collect some amazing poems on saving the earth and other topics which are related to Earth Day 2019 in order to make your one a Happy Earth Day 2019!.

Earth Day Slogans – Ultimate Collection

Earth Day Slogans- Ultimate List

Earth Day Slogans

There are various protests, walks, and marches which takes place around the globe while celebrating earth day. In these events, people hold placards with various slogans related to the environment, global warming, water preservation, recycling and more.

In order to cater to this demand of Earth Day Slogans, we have created the largest and most updated resource on Earth Day 2019 Slogans for all of you guys to use these slogans on save earth and other issues in your earth day activities.

You will find the following headings on our resource page for Earth Day Slogans:

  • Best Save Earth Slogans
  • Earth Day Slogans for Kids
  • Catchy Earth Day Slogans
  • Short Slogans on Earth Day
  • and much more

We are happy to share the fact that our resource on Earth Day Slogans is the most visited page on our website. We thank all of you for such love and response.

Earth Day Posters – Updated 2019

Earth Day Posters Featured Image - Best Collection of Save Earth Posters

Posters on Earth Day are used by many people around the globe to show solidarity to our planet and causes related to it. Earth Day Posters provides people a chance to express their thoughts and emotions on topics such as pollution, rising sea levels, deforestation and its impacts etc.

We have collected some amazing Earth Day Posters for celebrating the Earth Day 2019 on this website so that you can look for the required poster on earth day which is related to your event.

You will be seeing the following headings on our resource page on Earth Day Posters 2019:

  1. Unique Earth Day Posters
  2. Powerful Earth Day Posters
  3. Thought Provoking Earth Day Posters
  4. Funny Earth Day Posters
  5. and more

Creative Earth Day Posters are some of the best earth day posters in our collection. They communicate the message of Earth Day 2019 creatively through arts which penetrates the hearts of the people. We are looking forward to how you will use these posters on Happy Earth Day 2019.

Earth Day Facts – Must Know Earth Facts 2019

Earth Day Facts Ultimate list

Facts are the things which are proven from various sources. Earth Day Facts relates to us the harsh realities which are damaging our beautiful planet. These facts on earth day make a huge impact on our behavior. They let us know that our individual efforts build up and then make strong damage to our climate, water resources, and the whole planet.

Therefore, we have collected the latest and updated facts on Earth Day 2019.

We have collected the Earth Day 2019 Facts under the following headings on our resource page:

  1. History of Earth Day
  2. Save Earth Facts
  3. Earth Day Trivia
  4. Fun Facts on Earth Day
  5. Recycling Facts on Earth Day
  6. More

Let these Earth Day 2019 Facts make an impact on you leading to a solid resolution of living with our planet instead of living on it. We are not here to master nature, we ARE nature.

Earth Day Images – Beautiful 2019 Collection

Earth Day Images Collection

You might have heard the popular saying that an image is worth a thousand words. Keeping this in view, we have a great resource on Earth Day Images 2019 as well.

These Earth Day Images can be shared and forwarded on various social media sites so that you can let your friends and family know about the importance of Happy Earth day 2019.

All of the earth day images which we have collected speaks thousands of words to the beholder. We made sure that every Earth Day Image will provide you a concept to think and ponder upon.

You will find the followings on our resource page on Earth Day Images 2019:

  • Earth Day Images
  • Earth Day Pictures 2019
  • Save Earth Images
  • Earth Day Clipart 2019
  • etc

Earth Day Images are the best means to let your friends on social media know that you are celebrating Earth Day 2019.

Earth Day Celebrations – 2019 Updated

81+ Earth Day Celebration Collection in 2019 Updated

Talking about celebrating the Happy Earth Day 2019, we have a special and dedicated page to Earth Day Celebrations on our website as well. This page focuses on how the world celebrated Earth Day and how they conduct different activities on Happy Earth Day!.

Not only this, we have curated an amazing list of ideas to celebrate Earth Day 2019 as well. On our resource page, we have discussed various ideas which will provide you inspiration on how you can celebrate the earth day in your own community.

On this page, we have collected the celebrations of the following things related to Earth Day Celebrations:

  1. Earth Day Celebration in New York
  2. Earth Day Celebration in Columbia
  3. Goal Setting for Earth Year
  4. Make a Play Garden for Celebrating Earth Day
  5. and many more!

So what are you going to celebrate Earth Day? Go through our list and let us know in the comments.

Earth Day Projects – Engaging & Fun

Earth Day Projects - Ultimate List

Earth Day Projects are in demand because people like to engage themselves, their students and their kids in some really engaging projects to play with on Happy Earth Day 2019.

Therefore, we have collected an amazing list of engaging and easy to execute projects for Earth Day. In this way, you will be able to celebrate Earth Day 2019 by conducting some Earth Day Projects with your fellows or juniors.

Earth Day Projects are related to all domains of life. It is a mistake to think that Earth Day projects are only related to science or technology. In fact, you can execute earth day projects in various disciplines. You will find some interesting ideas for projects on Earth Day 2019 in our list such as:

  1. Top 3 Earth Day Projects for Kids
  2. Earth Day Yoga for Kids
  3. STEM Earth Day Projects for Kids
  4. much more

Go now and explore our list of amazing and inspiring projects on Earth Day 2019 so that you can really celebrate Happy Earth Day 2019.

Earth Day Clipart – Best Collection in 2019

Earth Day ClipArt Featured Image

Cliparts are one of the favorite collections which we ever did. One reason is the nostalgic value of clipart in our childhood and the legendary MS Office as well. For Earth Day Clipart, we have gone out with the same zest and zeal to collect the best and most amazing clipart related to Earth Day 2019 for the all of you.

Earth Day Clipart are particularly popular among kids and teenagers who want to paint and fill them with bright colors. Therefore, we have included the followings in our collection of Earth Day Clipart 2019:

  1. Uses of Earth Day Clipart
  2. Colorful Earth Day Clipart
  3. Sad Earth Day Clipart
  4. Cutest Earth Day Clipart
  5. much more

So now explore this amazing resource to celebrate the Happy Earth Day 2019 with the collection of Earth Day Clipart. Let us know about your favorite earth day clipart in the comment section or through our contact form.

Earth Day Coloring PagesEarth Day Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages on Earth Day are particularly in demand among young kids and children who are in the stage of playing with colors. They want to fill out the beautiful planet earth with their paints and brushes and express their love for this planet.

Earth Day Coloring Pages in 2019 is going to help you to celebrate Earth Day 2019 with your kids and young students. Simply print some of the coloring pages you like from our collection and hand them over to your kids to unleash their creativity.

We have included the Earth Day Coloring Pages on our resource page under the following headings:

  1. 50+ Earth Day Coloring Pages
  2. Save the Earth Coloring Pages
  3. Earth Day Printable Coloring Pages

Under these headings, we have collected all the best coloring pages on Earth day which you might require to celebrate the Happy Earth Day 2019.

Earth Day Worksheets

Earth Day Worksheets

Worksheets are a great way to engage your students in some meaningful activity. On this Happy Earth Day 2019, we invite you to use our resource on Earth Day Worksheets to engage your students in fruitful activities related to environment and its related issues.

Through our collection of Earth Day Worksheets, you can engage your kids in a fun earth day activity which will inspire him or her to become the savior of this planet in its real sense.

Do not worry about how will you make this earth day interesting to your kids, let our collection of Earth Day Worksheets do its magic and let you celebrate Happy Earth Day 2019.

Earth Day Drawings

Earth Day Drawings

If you think that your children or your students will not enjoy playing or filling the earth day worksheets then we have something else for you as well.

Think about children engaged in a fun activity which related to earth, playing with colors with bright smiles on their face! Yes, Earth Day Drawings will make this image real for you.

We have collected some of the best and most beautiful earth day drawings for you to celebrate Happy Earth Day 2019 on our resource page related to the drawings on earth day.

Earth Drawings are wonderful in the sense that they provide twofold benefits. They let your kids play with color and they also help to develop a bond between our planet earth and your child. In this way, you allow your kids to be raised in an environment which develops a deep connection with nature.

Explore our collection of Earth Day Drawings and let us know about your or your kids’ favorite drawings among them.

Importance of Earth Day 2019

The Earth day is an amazing event to promote healthy and green environmental activities. It is an amazing event which is celebrated only once a year, however, it should be celebrated each day and every day by all the peoples on this planet.

The Earth day is celebrated among the kids as well as the adults. On the earth day which is at 22nd of April every year, we can introduce all the peoples around us to the things which are effect out environment like Global warming and its effects, water & air pollution, deforestation, non-recirculation, water wastage, etc.

Celebrating Earth Day 2019

To me, the actual cause of our extreme environmental problems is not the lack of resources (I am not saying it is easy to fix or can be fixed over the night with just few billion dollars, NO), But the lack of interest of the peoples, the lack of awareness among the peoples. And to spread this interest and awareness one of the best occasion and event we have is the earth day.

On Earth day we can not only let the peoples know about the problems we are facing today but also to raise awareness and interest from kids to old peoples. Earth day brings us awareness through fun and joyful activities which is one of the best things because it won’t irritate you at all.

Environmental Issues on Earth Day – Global Issues on Earth Day

Due to the changing of the weather, we are now facing major damages in day’s age. The white rhino’s species has been ended the last male rhino died last year, due to the deforestation and climate changes they have been finished.

Only a few white tigers have been left in today’s date. The polar bear is one of the animals most caused by climate change. Due to the melting of glaciers, the polar bear has been under great threat and dying. We are leaving the carbon and coal wastage into the water which is being eaten by fishes and the humans are eating those fishes, which is bringing diseases in the humans.

White Tigers on Earth Day

Moreover, the plastic is a big curse to this planet, most the plastic is not recycled and then plastic bags are thrown into the open ocean which results in the sea dirt as well as effects the fishes in the water. Our cities are more and more heated up every year than the previous one which is due to the rising number of vehicles and their burning fuel and heat generated by them.

Every Day is Earth Day

As I mentioned before most of our problems can be solved by bringing interest and awareness towards the peoples. The importance of the earth day is we can highlight and put efforts for the solution of all our problems. By planting a tree on the earth day. Or using less fuel for traveling and using local transport, cycling or walking more. This is why the earth day is of great importance to us and to the solution to our environmental problems

Happy Earth Day 2019! – Concluded

On this page, we promised to overview all the resources on Earth Day 2019 which will help you celebrate this amazing event. We talked about all our resources, provided you a link to them and also briefed you about their purpose, usefulness and how you can include them in your own Happy Earth Day 2019.

In this comment sections or through our contact page, kindly let us know about how are you going to celebrate the Earth Day 2019 and how our resources have helped you.

We will be waiting to hear from amazing souls like you.

Happy Earth Day 2019 from all our team.