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7 Absolute Best Earth Day Videos for Students and Adults in 2018

Earth Day 2017 will be observed on 22nd April 2017. We have collected the best Earth Day videos for you to watch and learn about Earth Day. In this collection of best Earth Day videos, we have collected some of the absolutely best and amazing videos on Earth day for you to watch and learn.

As Earth Day is all about taking actions towards a better and greener Earth, we have curated those Earth Day Videos which talks about the actions which you can take, or stop taking, for the betterment of our planet and home.

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We have also included an amazing documentary on Earth Day in this collection of Earth Day Videos in 2017 for you to better learn the ways in which you can make an impact for the betterment of our Planet Earth.

7 Absolutely Best Earth Day Videos

With each Earth Day Video, you will have the description for that video on Earth Day which is added by the maker and/or uploader of the video themselves. Enjoy 🙂

1. What is Earth Day? – Brief History of Earth Day

In this short video, you will learn about the brief history of Earth Day. This video is the courtesy of Reading Through History channel.

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Description of the Video:

“The origins of Earth Day can be traced to the 1960s. Several vocal activists were beginning to raise the public’s awareness about the problems of pollution and other environmental issues. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was amongst the most influential books related to the impending dilemmas that the planet was facing. In 1968, Morton Hilbert, along with the US Public Health Service, hosted the Human Ecology Symposium. The focus of this symposium was the state of the environment and the effects on human health that the environment can have. This symposium helped lay the groundwork for what would eventually become the first Earth Day.”

2. How can we be ‘Positive’ about Climate Change? – Al Gore

We have to be, first of all, positive about the future and hopeful that we can change the course of the things through our will and actions. In this TED talk, Al Gore asks three questions related to climate change.

Here is what is written by TED itself in the description of this video:


The challenge came first. Each day, manmade greenhouse gas pollution traps the same amount of heat energy as would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs. This trapped heat is warming the oceans and increasing the water vapor and energy in our atmosphere, leading to stronger storms, more extreme floods, increasingly long droughts, and other results he characterized as “a nature hike through the Book of Revelations.”


Fortunately, we’ve already started to change. Renewable energy is growing exponentially. In fact, its growth has significantly beaten expert projections time and time again. And the cost of solar energy has come down around 10 percent every year for the past 30 years. With all this expansion, the renewable energy transition could very well be the biggest business opportunity in the world right now.


This question is up to us – all of us – right now. In December 2015, 195 countries approved the Paris Agreement on climate change and agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It was truly a breakthrough after decades of failed attempts. And around the world, from China to India to the US, countries are adding more and more capacity in renewable energy (in fact, 69 percent of new electrical capacity added in the US last year came from renewables). The change is happening – what’s up to us right now is how long we take to get there.

4. 7 Eye-Opening Facts for Earth Day 

In another interesting video on Earth Day by Mashable, you can learn and know about the 7 Eye-opening Earth Day facts which will lead you towards greater and awareness and action on Earth Day 2017.

Description of the video: 

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For your ease (and laziness) we have shared these facts about Earth Day below:

1. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations are at a record high: greater than 400 ppm

Sources: NOAA (… Mashable (… (

2. We dump 19.4 billion pounds of plastic into the ocean every year

Sources: Science Mag study (… Mashable (…)

3. An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year

Source: FAO (… Live Science (…)

4. Earth is facing a 40% shortfall in water supply by 2030

Sources: UNESCO (… FAO (…)

5. Climate change-related extreme events, plus population growth, could increase hunger by up to 20% by 2050

Source: WFP (

6. September Arctic sea ice extent is declining at a rate of 13.3% per decade

Sources: NASA (… AND… NSIDC (

7. Earth is off to its warmest start on record

Sources: NOAA (; Mashable (…)

5. A Reflection on Earth Day

In this soothing Earth Day Video, you can reflect on the importance of observing Earth day with beautiful sceneries from nature and soothing music. This Earth Day video is the courtesy of Catholic Health Association of the United States.

Description of the video:

This video includes captivating moving imagery of nature interspersed with three timely quotes of Pope Francis from his U.S. and Mexico visits.

 6. 8 Ways Kids Can Help the Environment

As Kids are the future inheritors of this Earth, we have included Earth Day videos for Kids and Elementary Students also in our collection on the videos for Earth Day. 

In this video by NETL, you will learn 8 amazing and fun ways in which Kids can help the environment and thus help human life itself.

Description of Video:

There is no official description is added on this Earth Day video. Kids can learn ideas like turning off the tap while brushing their teeth, re-using their old crayons by melting them and making new crayons, painting flower cans and planting flowers in them and more.


More on Earth Day for Kids:

7. HOME – Complete Documentary on Climate Change

We want to make this collection of Earth Day videos as comprehensive as possible, therefore, we are adding one of our favorite documentaries on Earth and climate change in this list also.

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In HOME, you will learn the brief history of humankind and its relationship with planet Earth and how the humans impacted the world, and how they can change it.

Description of the Video:

We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth’s climate.

The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being.

For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film.

HOME has been made for you: share it! And act for the planet.



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