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Earth Day Celebrations – 9 Most Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day 2017 is one of the highly celebrated events of the year. In this list of Earth Day Celebrations, we have included the fun, engaging and beneficial ways of Earth Day celebrations so that you can pick any one of them according to your tastes, needs, and the requirement for celebrating Earth Day 2017.

How to Celebrate Earth Day at School

Earth Day Celebrations at School

A school is one of the best places to celebrate the Earth Day because where else can you gather such a large amount of kids nowadays? In this list of Earth Day celebrations, you can simply pick any method listed below and use that celebrate Earth Day 2017 in your school with your classmates and even with your teachers.

If you are a teacher, then we have a good news for you. We have made several interesting and engaging resources on Earth Day for Kids so that you can use them to engage your students in various Earth Day activities in the classroom to teach them about the importance of this day and what it entails.

Here is a list of some the resources on Earth Day For Kids:

1. Use this collection of Videos to Celebrate Earth Day in School: 7 Absolute Best Earth Day Videos for Students and Adults in 2017

2.Use this Earth Day Poems to Celebrate Earth Day in Your school by letting the students select and then recite their favorite Earth Day Poems:  23+ Earth Day Poems for Kids, Schools & Adults

3. Celebrate Earth Day in School by using this resource on Earth Day Quiz:47+ Highly Engaging Earth Day Quiz Questions – 2017

How To Celebrate Earth Day at Work?

Earth Day Celebrations at Work

Are you looking for some ways to celebrate Earth Day at work? Look no further because you have landed on the right place.

In this collection of easy and simple method for Earth Day Celebrations, we have listed some of the most easiest and quickest method of celebrating earth day at work.

You can simply select any of the Earth Day celebrations method below to Celebrate Earth Day 2017 at Work with your colleagues and even with your boss.

If you are a boss or manager at the company, you can use below-mentioned
resources to Celebrate Earth Day at Work:

1. Use this list of Earth Day Facts to challenge your employees or subordinates in a fun way to celebrate Earth Day at Work: 105+ Earth Day Facts You Need to Know in 2017

2. If your office or work culture allows, you can use these Earth Day Slogans to celebrate Earth Day at Work by chanting these slogans in fun and witty manner:  Top 75 Earth Day Slogans (out of 191) with Posters & Images 2017

3. Celebrate Earth Day at Work by sharing these Earth Day Quotes with your team and discussing the favorite ones: 75+ Powerful Earth Day Quotes You Must Read in 2017

4.Select any of these Highly Engaging Earth Day Activities for Offices to Celebrate Earth Day 2017 at Work:  75+ Highly Engaging Activities for Earth Day 2017 (25th March)

9 Most Simple Ways for Earth Day Celebrations

1. Don’t Drive

Earth Day Celebrations

Hey, I know what you are thinking. On the surface, it looks like it is not much of an impact making Earth Day celebration. But when really stop to think about it and consider all the more amazing, fun and eco-friendly modes of traveling you will realize that it is one of the best, healthy and fun earth day celebrations because it provides you the double benefit of not polluting the environment and at the same time choosing a healthy mode of transportation for yourself.

2. Take Care of E-Waste

Earth Day Celebrations

E-waste is one of the fastest-growing types of waste in the world right now. Take advantage of Earth Day 2017 celebrations and go on a hunt for all the gadgets and electric appliances which are out of order or out of use and need. Now either use them for your benefit or simply recycle them properly so that you can save them from destroying or harming the planet. You’ll be surprised at how many gadgets and appliances are there which you don’t take full advantage of.

3. Food is not bought, it is Grown.

Earth Day Celebrations

Do you believe that your food comes from malls and superstores? I believe that you don’t. Our food is grown by hard-working farmers who take care of all the things which are essential for healthy food. But our corporations are giving them a hard time through various means. In your Earth Day celebrations, try including activities for planting some food in your house, roof or community garden so that you can appreciate the work and art which is required in growing food. Plus, you will have the delicious and organic food also.

4. Better Energy, Better Earth – Go Solar

Earth Day 2017 Celebrations

There are many ways in which you can incorporate this method in your Earth Day celebrations. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have the budget to install proper solar panels on your roof for going ‘off-the-grid’, you can simply use much more advanced, sophisticated and cheap technologies like solar chargers, solar ovens and much more.

The point is to move away from eco-destructive sources of energy and get closer towards eco-friendly sources of energies.

5. The World is Waiting for You

Earth Day 2017 Celebrations

It’s ironic for me to say this, but I am going to say this anyway. Celebrating Earth is not about reading methods of Earth Day celebrations online and being glued to the screen, it is about going out and experiencing the Earth itself. Go have a walk in a park, climb a hill, complete a trek, or simply go out and experience the world around you.

Make sure that you celebrate the Earth Day by being close to nature than your usual routine. The world is waiting for you, go out and meet her.

6. Update your Environment Knowledge

Earth Day 2017 Celebrations

It is imperative to know the important things about the environment in which we live in. Whether you live in a city where there is no greenery or you live near farms and trees, you should learn as much about your environment as you can.

Furthermore, you can celebrate Earth Day 2017 by reading and/or be watching videos about trees, your favorite animals, and the beautiful water. You can learn about the climate change and ponder on what you can do to stop it. Learn about the species which are under serious threat in your area or country.

Learn whatever, just make sure you include learning about the environment in your Earth Day celebrations.

7. Take Care of Others

Earth Day 2017 Celebrations

Earth Day celebrations shouldn’t be just limited to you. There are many other who should be included in your Earth Day celebrations. Take care of the plants, animals, and plants near you and celebrate Earth day 2017 with them.

  • Welcome animals in your yard, feed them, spend time with them.
  • Plant some trees in your yard or community garden and take care of them throughout the year.
  • Go visit a tree and learn about it, see what you can do to make it live longer and healthier.

8. Check Your consumption

Earth Day Celebrations

Do you know what destroyed the Earth? No? Let me tell you, our Lifestyle.

Yes, the way we eat, dress, work and live is the number one reason of the current state of our planet. We use our resources recklessly, we waste simply too much of water, waste so much of food and wear clothes which wear our planet down.

During Earth Day 2017 celebrations, check your consumption style and sincerely review it and make action plans for making it eco-friendly so that both you and the environment can enjoy a longer and healthier life.

9. Reduce Waste – As Much as You Can

Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day celebrations can mean something only when we truly do something for the long term rather than just celebrating the Earth for a day and them go back to our previous lifestyles.

If we are truly serious about changing the climate change and making this world a better place, we need to reduce our waste. There are several ways in which you can reduce waste in your life. Some of them are:

  1. Recycling
  2. Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products
  3. Home-Made Crafts and Toys
  4. Donate used Items
  5. Composting



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