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Earth Day Activities – 75+ Highly Engaging Activities for Earth Day 2018 that You Must Read Right Now (#33 is Simply Amazing)

Earth Day 2017 is here and you are looking for the Earth Day activities, right? Well, you are exactly at the right place because we made one of the best and long lists of Earth Day Activities 2017 which are highly engaging and fun in their nature. This list of Earth Day activities includes Earth Day activities for adults, kids, children, schools, offices and home.

We also have a good list of Amzing Earth Day outdoor activities because getting outdoor and experiencing the mother Earth-nurturing for you can be one of the best Earth Day experience you can have.

Earth Day Activities - Keep the Planet Green

Let’s Get Started now.

75+ Highly Engaging Earth Day 2017 Activities

Adopt a Plant
1. Adopt a Plant – Plants are a complete living being, adapting them is not only beneficial for the environment and the earth but it is also very rewarding for us humans in all sorts of ways. Adopting a plant will also improve the air quality of your room. Learn about the uses and benefits of having indoor plants in order to take maximum benefit and enjoyment out of this Earth Day activity.

Earth Day Activities - Adopt a Plant

2. Feed the birds – Feeding a bird is really a beautiful experience. When the small little bird sits on your hand and eats the food with its beak, it makes you realize that you connected and interdependent we all are. Also, this Earth Day activity will bring you and your children/students closer to animals. They can also learn and implement the concept of recycling by making some bird feeders out of bottles and cartons. In short, this earth day activity for students and children is a holistic one.

Feeding the Bird - Earth Day Activities

3. Battle Energy Vampires – We remain oblivious of all the electronics and appliances which are left on consuming energy in our homes and classrooms, even when not in use. So, this earth day activity is an amazing opportunity to switch off these appliances and reduce (and even eliminate) the energy wastage. Put some engaging reminders to reap the year-long benefit of this earth day activity for classrooms.

4. Plan a Garden Bed – You know why the Earth Day was organized in April? Because of the Spring. It’s the perfect time for us to realize the benefit of gardening and planting. This amazing Earth day activity allows you to grow healthy, nutritious and delicious food on your own by starting a beautiful garden bed in your backyard or even in your community.

Planting Garden Bed - Earth Day Activities


Earth Day Activities for Adults

Cleaning the Closet
5. Clean Out Your Closet and Donate to a Charity – Many people are unaware about the fact that manufacturing new clothing item consumes a lot of precious and limited resources like water. So, in this Earth Day activity, you favor yourself by decluttering your wardrobe and then donating your lightly used clothes to your local charity. This beneficial Earth Day activity will not only help other people, but it will also help you in organizing your wardrobe and instilling a more conscious approach towards buying and using clothes.

Cleaning the Closet - Earth Day Activities

6. Write a Letter to Your Government Representative – The first Earth Day was held by a US Senator, Gaylord Nelson, from Wisconsin. So why not remind your government representative that senators and government people do have a very big role to play for the upkeeping and maintenance of our planet Earth. This Earth Day activity can inspire an influential government representative and bring a lot of change in your community. Why wait? Write your letter now.

7. Plant a Tree – You may have heard about this Earth Day activity many times, but there is a reason why everyone advises activists and people about the importance of planting trees. Our planet is facing the serious threat of Global Warming and similar problems, one of the best in tackling these challenges is simply planting more trees. Use this Earth Day as an opportunity to plant trees in your backyard, garden, and community and contribute back to mother earth with this communal Earth Day activity.

Planting a Tree - Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Outdoor Activities

8. Build A Bird Feeder – Using Earth Day as an opportunity to help your children and/or students to connect with nature on a more deeper level, go out with them and build some beautiful and unique bird feeders using different recyclable materials. Below is a good YouTube Tutorial for this Outdoor Earth Day activity.

Solar Oven
9. Make A Solar Oven – It can be very difficult and hard for you to explain the merits of renewable energy to the kids. Therefore, this Earth Day activity for children provides you an opportunity to do just that. You can get together the children and start making a solar oven. Wouldn’t you like to use the natural energy to bake and make some delicious food? Check these tutorials for making a Solar Oven and using it to make some delicious eatables. Enjoy this Earth Day Activity by treating your tummy.

Principle of Solar Oven - Earth Day 2017 Activities

10. Throw a Green Party – This whole big Earth is a one big community including all of us. So why not use this Earth Day by simply celebrating the fact that we are alive in this beautiful planet and living together? J In this Indoor Earth Day activity, try inviting your conscious living friends and have a great, Green Party with organic foods and a healthy discussion about the well-being of our community, including the planet and all species.

Are you Planning an Earth Day Event? Then register here at Earth Day Network

11. Conduct an Audit – Conducting an Honest Audit of our Energy consumption in house, schools and offices is one of the best way of giving back to Earth. Conduct an honest review of your energy consumption habits and see where you can save energy and help the planet.

Results of Audit - Earth Day Home Activities

Earth Day Activities for Schools

12 Design a walkable route to school – Do you use car for short distance travelling? This Earth Day, design a walkable route to your office or school and reduce the CO2 emission as well as improving your health through walking regularly.

13 Start a home Compost – Use your leftovers of food and utilize them to provide rich and good fertilizer for your sustainable home garden. You can use the GEF’s gardening resources to learn everything about home compost.

14. Make a plan to recycle – Make a team of your friends, students or teachers and develop a solid plan for recycling throughout the year. Use GEF’s guidelines for recycling if you need help in making a powerful program of recycling in your home or school.

Fix a Leak
15. Fix a Leak – Do not underestimate the smallest leak in your home and fix that leak. Even a small leak can waste enormous amounts of precious water if left unattended throughout the year. This Earth Day activity is very good for busy persons as it takes very little time.

Fixing the Leak - Earth Day 2017 Activities

Earth Day Activities for College Students

16. Calculate your transportation impact – Calculate your CO2 emissions by using GEF’s tools and resources and then try your best to reduce the emission and impact of your transportation on environment and health of the planet. This Earth Day activity is best for engaging students in calculating their impact of transportation choices.

17. Take a Hike – Do you want to give your body and mind a treat at the same time doing an adventurous Earth day outdoor activity? Take a hike and get outdoor, fill your lungs with fresh air and experience the rays of sun on your body. Develop a solid and deep bond with the planet and all the beautiful elements of it on this Earth Day 2017. It will not only develop your body but will also refresh your soul.

Hiking - Earth Day 2017 Outdoor Activities

18. Get Involved in a Community Garden – If you are still to experience the amazing experience of getting your hands dirty in digging the Earth and planting a life, then Earth Day 2017 is the best opportunity to get down to it in an amazing Earth Day activity. Gardening and contributing in your community garden will not only provide you an amazing experience but will also help the garden and your wholesome food supplies.

19. Do a Home Energy Audit – We are not aware of how recklessly we are using our energy and how much dangerous it is for our planet. In this Earth Day Indoor Activity, take the time out to conduct an honest home energy Audit and then reduce the amount of energy you consume and/or waste.

20. Volunteer for an Environmental Charity – There are lots of charity organizations which are sincerely working towards providing a better environment to us and our future generations. Take time out on Earth Day 2017 and volunteer for an Environmental charity organization.

21. Watch Koyaanisqatsi – This is one of the best movies to watch on Earth Day 2017, it is made in India.

22. Go Vegan or Vegetarian for the Day – Hey, it’s upto you.

 Earth Day Activities for Kids

24. Make Earth-Friendly Treats And Picnic

25. Read An Earth Day Book

Watch this video for some more interesting Earth Day Activities for Kids



26. Plant Something – Anything. Just go out and increase the number of those green beings called plant.

27. Go See the Animals. – Earth Day 2017 is a nice time to go connect with other species living on this planet.

28. Play the Recycling Game – It can be a great fun and beneficial game.

29. Reuse Old Clothes – You might get surprised by the amazing ‘newness’ of your old clothes.

30. Play In The Dark – Save some energy and experience the ‘darkness’ of play

31. Build a Container Fairy Garden (above)

32. Make a Play Garden, a carved out space just for the kids to dig and plant in. – It can be fun and amazing.

33. Pinecone and Peanut Butter Bird Feeder – Easy to build and a great way to connect with birds.

34. Get out the acrylic paint and make some Painted Sticks, from Paint Cut Paste

35. These Gum Leaf (or almost any other leaf) Necklaces are so sweet, from Let the Children Play

36. On your next beach trip, collect some Shells and Paint them, from Paint Cut Paste

37. Grow Wheat Grass Indoors {the fastest growing plant}

38. I can’t get over these beautiful Nature Prints made with Sculpey, from The Artful Parent

39. These Fabric Sunprints is the ultimate of earth day activities since it’s a science experiment and art project wrapped up in one.

40. 18 Tips on How to Garden with Kidswill guide you in the right direction, from Kids Activities Blog

41. Nature Collage with Leaves and Markers

42. For Water Painting with Toddlers, all you need is a bucket of water and a brush

43. Painted Stones. Gasp. So pretty! from Garden Mama

44. Earth Day Garden Flags spruce up the garden, from Paint Cut Paste

45. Take your sketch-book outdoors for Leaf Printing in a Nature Journal, from The Artful Parent

46. Nature Box Dioramas made from leaves, moss, and other natural finds, from Art Club Blog

47. Corn Husk Doll. The classic recipe, from Garden Mama.

48. Tin Can Drums (above)

49. Upcycled Box Bugs that are so beautiful you’ll want to make one yourself, from Mother Baby Earth

50. Recycled Garden Collage, from Laugh Paint Create

51. Up- cycle Baby Food Jars into Summer Candle Votives

52. Milk Carton Plug Ring— this makes me laugh, from No Time for Flash Cards

53. 34 Recyclables to Upcycle for the Kids, from Hands on: As we Grow

54. How to Make Paper. With or without kids. It’s so easy.

55. Recycled Trash SculptureWhat could represent earth day activities more than up-cycled trash?

56. New computer or furniture? Make a Recycled Styrofoam Sculpture, from The Chocolate Muffin Tree

57. Abstract Recycled Print with styrofoam trays

58. Build a Garden Water Wall from Recycled Materials, from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

59. DIY Wind Chimes with Tin Cans, from Hands on: As we Grow

60. 15 Recycled Paper Roll Crafts, from No Time for Flash Cards

61. Simple Styrofoam Prints

62. Make a Trashy Collage for Earth Day, from Teach Preschool

63. Quick and Easy Water Bottle Flowers with Markers, from The Chocolate Muffin Tree

64. 75 Egg Carton Projects from some of brightest kids’ activity bloggers around

65. Build a Mud Pie Kitchen (above)

66. Nature in Art: Nature Study and Georgia O’Keefe, from Simple Kids

67. Six Ways to Take Art Outdoors

68. All you need are some leaves and construction paper to make Construction Paper Sun Prints, from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

69. Brilliant idea for teaching colors, outdoors with a Flower Color Wheel, from A Golden Gleam

70. Got paint chips? Make an Outdoor Color Match Game, from Inner Child Fun

71. Walk around and document the neighborhood with a Photo Documentary

72. Hello Andy Goldsworthy! Make some Land Art, from Mommy Labs

73. Take photos of colors in a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

74. Make your own Nature Journal, from WikiHow

75. 6 Backyard Playscapes for Fun and Learning, from Let the Children Play

76. Giant Painted Mural on paper taped to a fence

77. Slide Drawing— tape paper to a slide, add some crayons, and go!

78. Drawing Shadowsto track the passage of time. Great for long summer days.

79. Four Messy Outdoor Crafts, from She Knows


We hope that you now have some great ideas for Earth Day 2017 activities whether for school, office or home. You can use these Earth Day Activities with a twist of your own according to the needs, resources and time of your group. We have tried hard to develop an amazing resource on Earth Day activities and we would love if you share it with your friends and family. Use any social media buttons on this page to help spread the green love.

Waiting for your feedback in the comments section below.


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